Calculations from lookup column

I am creating an civil engineering app to calculate points along a vertical curve, whenin there are two tables. Table 1 has five fields the user enters some values related to the VPI of curve. The next 6 fields are calcuations of constants based on that input to fully define the curve.
My second table will be a list of points or stations along the curve in which i need to calculate the elevation. Tables have a relation setup (table 1 is curve definition and table 2 are the points along the curve)
I cannot seem to use the values in table 1 to perform calculations in table 2. Even when I bring them in a lookup field into table 2?
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Any chance you can share a screen shot of both tables?

If I was to take a stab, my guess would be that you might be using a multiple relation instead of a single relation. But I could confirm that or otherwise from a screen shot.

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