Calculated fields created in Glide do not show up in my google sheet

I have created several calculated fields (if the else, calculations between fields, etc.) but these are not reflected in google sheets. I can’t get them to appear as field options in my forms.

What am I doing wrong or this is normal in Glide?

Many thanks!!!

You’re not doing anything wrong. Calculated columns stay in Glide, it’s not synced to your Sheet.


i would suggest to replicate calculations in GS just for a better view… when you are in GS… but for the speed… use as much as you can Glide tables

Thank you very much, so the question is, how, every time you add a new record in GS, do you generate the calculation I need in another cell?

using GS formulas, it is a double work… but it might be helpful

The formulas are clear to me, but how do you automatically apply it to a new record in another GS cell?

no, you can’t … you need to do it manually in GS, dont do it if you dont really need it

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Ok, thanks