Calculate age in years and months

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I have created a glide app from an Airtable base where there is a formula column in one of my sortable tables that calculates age in months and years from a given birthdate in another column.

When I look at that data in Glide, the column is set to numbers and the age is only displayed in years. So someone 3 months old is listed as 0.

I’ve looked at the various solutions in this post, but can’t find quite the right solution. The plugin proposed only displays years OR months, not both.

There must be a simple way of doing this that I am missing…??

Can you show screenshots of what you see in Airtable and what it looks like in Glide? Assuming Airtable has an underlying number with some formatting on top of it, I’m trying to understand how Glide sees it. There should be a way to get what you want in Glide, but it depends on what that underlying number is.

Appreciate your help - thanks.
I’ve attached a few screen grabs of the Airtable view & details of the column settings as well as the end result in Glide. As a new user I can only upload one image, so have done a weird screen grab of the three together for you

Can you also show how that column looks in the glide data editor (including headers)? Is the column configured as a number column? It might be as simple as changing the column type to text. If that is not possible, or doesn’t work, then maybe I can come up with a different solution later. It’s too late in the day for me to work on it now.

Also, show the birth date column. I want to ensure that glide is seeing it as a date column.

(Disclaimer: I’m not familiar with Airtable and how certain Airtable column types work with Glide, such as a formula column)

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You. Are. Brilliant.
Take the rest of the day off.
I changed the glide column from Number to Text and that fixed the problem
Thank you so much!




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