Buy button adding things to all users' carts

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: I don’t think this is a bug so much as I’m sure I’m missing some configuration but this is my first post so here we go.

I’ve added a Buy Button and it adds things to the cart and allows for check out with a credit card to my Stripe account (working on integrating a PayPal setup instead but that’s another story). So that’s all fine and good BUT when someone adds something to the cart, it adds it to EVERYONE’S cart which, for obvious reasons, is not ideal. As far as I can tell, there’s no where for me to configure the buy button or cart area to make it user specific. What am I missing?

Side note, if I can configure the cart, is there a way to add the picture of the item that was purchased to the cart listing?

Thanks for any help, this community has been a great help to me so far :slight_smile:

Screen Recording of Cart Issue

Just a heads-up, I got “Access Denied” when trying to view the video. Might have to change the Share settings :+1:

@ehdubya Oh, thanks! I think I fixed it!

Do all the “fake” users contain your sign-in email?

They’re actually all real users so they have unique information entered for their details.

I don’t have visibility conditions for the cart which I think may be the issue. Sometimes when I go to the cart it says “No Configuration” and sometimes it has options to change settings. I don’t know what tells it to allow me to edit or not but that may be beside the point.

What visibility condition would I set so it includes only items added by the signed in user? I’ve gotten good at the basic visibility settings but when it comes to actions like this I get lost.

Changing it to “email is signed-in user” didn’t seem to change anything :frowning:

This might be a bug…usually it would just show the signed-in users items that they added…I would just keep playing around with the settings.

Good luck!

Are all of your users using the same device, like a shared phone or tablet? We never even send cart items to our servers.

Hm. Interesting indeed. Ok, I’ll try to keep fiddling with settings although I posted here because I’m running out of ideas haha

Maybe I’ll try changing things and letting it think/refresh after each change just in case. Thanks for your ideas

Hey @david people are using their own devices and no shared devices. None of my users are actively doing things at the moment though, I’ve just been testing on my own for now with the “preview as” function.

Ok, so, this bug isn’t even happening to real users. This is just a consequence that Preview As does not apply to the cart.


Oh! That’s awesome news! So I should test the cart by actually signing in and having a friend sign in on her own as well?

Thanks so much, I’m relieved :smiley: