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How do I make features like cart to show the items inside based on the users? For example if Amy adds item1 in her cart, I want item to only show on Amy’s cart and not in Bob’s cart as well.

I assume you’re not using the native “Add to cart” flow.

If you’re using a form to write entries to your Cart table, you can add the email of the user alongside the item info, and make that email column a row owner. Users can only view their own items that way.

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Thanks for the fast reply!

Hi, I just realised something. I actually used an “add row” flow from like the browsing page-> detail of item-> button at the bottom of detail will add the item to the cart. So with this how do I what I asked above?

I saw you being helped by @Darren_Murphy in another thread, so I won’t respond here anymore. If you have any further questions, feel free to create a new one or ask in the other thread.


yeah, I’m helping @sydity

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