Buttons within Inline List items lead to screens with repeating content

Strange problem here, I’ll try my best to explain it.

I’m building an app for parents to help them have one conversation with their kid everyday.

So I have a Parents sheet (users sheet), a Children sheet (each parent can have multiple children), a Words sheet (a list of topics that can vary by age group), and a Conversations sheet (a record of parents, children, the topic, date/time of completing the convo).

First screen looks like this. it’s built on top of the children sheet, and it has an Inline List that also pulls data from the children sheet:

Tapping an item in the inline list will let you view its details and takes you to a screen that looks like this:

And then clicking on Today’s conversation will lead the user to a new screen built on the Words sheet. On this screen, I have an Inline List that picks one row, filtered by age group:

The problem I’m facing is that regardless of the age of the child you clicked on in the first screen, the conversation that I’m getting for them is always the same. For example if the 3rd child in the list is a toddler and the first one in primary school, when I click on the 3rd child, the content gets filtered based on the first child’s age.

Any idea what I’m getting wrong and how I can achieve what I want?


Can you show the filter settings you have at the moment? Thank you.

Within the innermost Inline List (built on Words sheet, having access to Children sheet from the previous screen) I use 2 filters:

  1. If age group in Words equals age group in Children
  2. If ‘day’ in Words equals ‘day’ in Children (e.g. on day 1, we show one word if your child is 6, and another word if the child is 9. On day 2, different words, and so on)

The columns in Children sheet:
child ID, parent email, child name, age group, day

The columns in Words:
day, age group, category, word, question 1, picture 1

Thanks so much