Buttons showing over video link I added

Hey everyone

I am currently working with an app . I have included a video to play the facebook video within the app and The issue I am facing is that there are two buttons below . They get over the video and block sighting of the video . I hope someone here knows how to get over this issue !

Thank you !

Does this happen in the Glide builder, the published App, or both?

Which type of component are you using for the video?
The two buttons - is that a button bar or two floating buttons?

Can you add a screen shot or short video clip that shows the problem?

I have addded a screenshot . Hope you could help out !

That’s interesting, I’ve never seen that before.
I just tried to replicate that myself but I couldn’t - the buttons appear below the video.

I can’t see the full list of components - are you using any CSS on that screen?

I am not it is just the regular video with buttons without any modifications in CSS or anything .The component used are just basic tables , texts and a button . I dont think that could cause any issue with the buttons coming over the video .
It would be a great help if you can figure out how to solve this for me !

I’m not sure that I can suggest anything.

What happens if you delete the buttons and then add them again?

If you reload the builder, does it stay the same?

Was the screenshot sent in private? I have tried following what Sikandar said but can’t reproduce.

It’s been deleted.

@Sikandar_Aziz did you solve your issue? If you did can you please share the solution so that anyone else facing the same problem can benefit.

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I pushed every idea possible but wasn’t able to reach to the solution . So what I did is that I placed the two buttons before the video and video at the bottom which made it work fine !

Thank you !

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