Buttons not showing

I have a simple title pic with action buttons. The button show on the screen (computer) but they do not show on the app (cell).

Can you attach some screenshots?

top pic shows on app bottom pic show on the computer

If you click the 3 dots, is About one of the options in that sub menu?

The problem:
Not all actions are showing on the cell app.
This should be real easy.

I get the problem, but I’m just wanting to know if it gets moved into the 3 dot sub menu due to a smaller screen size, because I know glide will do that sometimes. Just trying to narrow down the issue and determine if the About option disappears completely or if it gets moved into the sub menu. Don’t want to waste time trying to solve the wrong problem.

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Than you for your help.
No it doesn’t get moved into the dots. It doesn’t show at all.

I have some luck. The action was going to a new screen (i guess it didn’t like that). I changed it to a edit screen & it showed.

That sounds odd. Was is set up as ‘Show New Screen’ → ‘This Item’, or were you redirecting to a New Screen in a different table or row?

So you are now using ‘Show Edit Screen’? Wouldn’t that show Submit/Cancel buttons on the About screen? Is that what you want? I guess I would be curious to see how you had the action configured before you changed it.

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I cleared everything off edit screen. I am going play around with it to see there are more oddities.

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