Button element glitch

Hello, everyone!
Something weird is going on with button elements in my app&
I’ve got a simple tab with 3 buttons - each represents different Form Screens.
I was working with another tab and when I returned to buttons tab they were invisible somehow (I do not have any visible options set)
I can see button elements in my left part of the developer screen but they are not visible in the app.

I’ve tried to create another button but as soon as I pick an Action - Show New Form - element disappears from app screen but remains as an element in developers let part.

Please help to fix it!
Thank you

Can you click on the DATA tab on the left side panel, just above your list of components. I just want to make sure that screen is attached to an existing row.

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Thank you very much. Indeed I cleared rows that I did to test forms & buttons disappeared.
All good now.
Thank you!


Yeah, a screen that’s not attached to a row will give you problems. Your tab should always use a table that will have at least one row.

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That’s some great screen design with the image at the top.

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