Button dont appear :(

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with a button.

I have added a button that is always visible, but when clicked:

If the user’s email is empty: you have to register or log in.
If the mail is not empty: then clicking leads to a whatsapp link.

The problem is that when the user has not registered the button does not appear. I have gone through the actions and rules to verify and I can’t find the problem.

By the way, any reason why the full breadcrumb isn’t showing up?

See the image below

Please help

Can you expand the IF condition in your custom action? Are you looking at the email in the user profile, or from a different table?

You may have a screen that doesn’t have a title, so it’s showing up as blank.

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Thanks Jeffe. That was the solution.

Sorry for this basic things. I still learning :slight_smile:

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