Bug or bad implementation?

I’ve created a bread recipe app with a welcome screen that has a button to make the additional tabs appear once the user has read the welcome text:

When I’m interacting with the welcome screen at this link, the button doesn’t work. When I’m using it in the development environment or the mobile app itself, it does.

It seems to be because the User table isn’t working as I expect it to…in fact, it’s just empty:

Is this the expected behaviour of a template link or a bug?

Since tab visibility relies on the user profile table, you have to be linked to a row in that table.

If you are not signed in, then there is no user row that the app can attach to.
Previewing as ‘anyone’ is essentially the same as viewing the app as a non signed in user.

Your template does not have any user rows, so the app can’t attach to any user row, and there is no existing user that can be selected to preview as. Since there are no user rows, you can’t preview as a specific user, so the app is not attached to any user profile row, and thus the button does not have a row to update to control tab visibility.

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Thanks @Jeff_Hager

The template does have a user row:

And because I’m logged in, at the template link I can see as the user:

But the button still doesn’t work because there still isn’t a data row unless I go to the data view, toggle between see as Anyone and see as the user. Then the user row appears.

Definitely hard to understand the behaviour and seems to me like a bug but perhaps still it is working as expected…

That said, I guess it still doesn’t matter as for someone not logged in, there would be no user row.

Hmm. Even if I manually type your test email, I still don’t see any user rows and can’t choose from any users. For me it’s empty no matter what.

I’ve honestly never used templates, so I’m not sure how they are supposed to work. I thought you could have some test users and the template would allow you to preview as different users. That’s always been my impression, but I’ve never worked with them enough to say for sure.

This is expected. The way your app is designed (due to tab visibility), you are requiring users to be signed in to use the app, so it’s reasonable that you have to preview the app as one of those existing users for your button to function.

If the user table was working how I thought it should, you should see all users. Typically on the first screen of a template, you would place some instructions telling the user viewing your template that they should change the user. Sometimes you may have users with different roles and different views, so it can be useful to preview as different users so you can see how the app looks for different users.

Thanks @Jeff_Hager, I appreciate the help you’re giving

Do you have any idea how to configure access so that someone can see the available user?

Otherwise I have no idea how to provide access to a version of the app that someone can preview…

I don’t know if it would help, but I would try changing Users access to Anyone. Right now, you have it set up so signed in users are private users and they would have to be whitelisted by you before they could sign in. Only peter@pan.com is the only user currently works too sign in. Maybe that’s what you ultimately want, but not very useful for a template.

Maybe the fact that user’s are currently considered as private is the reason why you are having issues previewing as different users in the template.

Thanks @Jeff_Hager

That doesn’t seem to work so I’ve simply removed the visibility logic so that the “anyone” user can see the rest of the app content.