Button(choice component) not clickable when view live

the buttton is not clickable when l try to view the app through the app link… but it works fine in the app editor…kindly help me out

In the builder screen shot you are viewing the App as a signed in user. Are you also signed into the App in the first screen shot?

How is the choice component configured? In particular, which table does it write to? Does that table have an available row?

Yes, l am signed into the app…l view the app through the first image attach to this reply(highlighted)…
it’s written to the user(table) under Allfavorites(column), yes it have available column

Can you show me a screen shot of the User Table please, including the column that your choice component writes to.

This is it… l discovered if l view the app as anyone on the editor, the button is not clickable

Yes, that’s what I was getting at.
Are you 100% sure you were signed into the App when you viewed it through the link?

If you want users that are not signed in to be able to use that custom filter, then you need to use a table other than your User Profile table.

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l didn’t sign into the app because l change the privacy into the settings

Hi @Teejay_Oyeniran,

That’s the issue! You should sign in to the app as a user because you have connected a column in the users table! But you can use another single table with a column to apply the filter or you could add a user specific column in the Photos & Videos table and use it as the filter.

Check these out : How to Add Custom Filters to @glideapps Pages - YouTube , Glide: Custom Filters WITHOUT a Users Table - YouTube

Thank you


Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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