Search Functionality working differently on the Glide editor and live app link

I have a search functionality in my Glide app. It is working fine on the editor but when I try the same search on the live app link it works differently. The editor shows that the changes have been published but I can not see the changes reflected on the live app. Any help?

Can you describe (or show) how the search is implemented?

Does your App use Row Owners in any tables?

Here is the link of the app: ANI Properties

When I try the search on my editor with any of the locations for instance the search results are fine but on the live app the search is not filtered. It just gives all the options

You’re referring to the second (Search) tab, yes?

You have quite a few filtering options there, so most likely something isn’t quite right with the way you’ve set that up. I guess the first question I would ask is are all of your filters being written to User Specific Columns?

Other than that, in order to help you debug I’d need to know more details about how your filtering is implemented. . Can you please join in the call if possible. It is hard to explain it here.

I don’t understand why it is working differently on the editor and the live app link

Perhaps if you could make a short Loom video that walks through how you have it setup?

Even a couple of screen shots would be helpful.

I am sending a loom record for the results. I think the search is working for only one of the users. When I switch to anyone the results are not filtered. Can you help me fix this.

Can you show me a screen shot of the Glide Table that contains the columns that the choice components write their values to?

Okay, thanks.

The only thing that looks a little suspicious there is that you appear to have a separate row for each user. That normally isn’t necessary when filtering with User Specific Columns - each user can share the same row. So that might be a clue.

If you’d like to save some time, you can send me your team invite link in a private message, and I can take a quick look.

oh, I think I see the problem.
Your filter columns are in your User Profiles table, but your App doesn’t require sign in.
So the filters will only work if a user is signed in.

Although… if those choice components are writing to the User Profiles table, I would expect them to be completely non-functional for non-signed in users. So maybe there is a bit more to it than that. I’d need to look at your App.

Screenshot 2022-11-17 214448

I made these two changes. Previously the locationChoice user specific checkbox was checked. I removed that. And also updated the LocationFilter but is not working

Hello Darren, I created a new table and put a column for the location there as you mentioned. But when I am not able to access that column in the app and the villas table for the “locationFilter” and “write to”. I am attaching screen shots.

Screenshot 2022-11-20 153719

Yes, you will need to change the source table of your Search Tab so that it uses that new table.

I’d recommend building a new Search tab so that you can use the existing one as a reference, then delete it once you have the new one working.

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