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I came up with an idea.
Is it possible to perform +1 (next) -1 (previous) using the mathematical tricks Lucas_Pires shows?
★ Suppose a page number is set for each line of data.
★ Add +1 or -1 to the page number to get the next or previous number.
★ Displays the page data of the acquired number.
That’s too difficult for me, can anyone try it?

Yeah that’s basically what I did for the video. I have a numerical order for each row of data, then the two buttons navigate through that using the +1 and -1. I increment/decrement on a user-specific column.

Is that so?
Okay, I’ll try it on the weekend.
Thank you Thinh Dinh.

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What you mean?

Hola @ThinhDinh,

How do you prevent the previous button from getting to 0. I have tried several conditions in the actions editor but most of them makes the button bar disappear. If I don’t add any condition then when I have a 0 in the counter, hence, the inline list shows nothing.

You’d need to set a custom action with condition…if value equals 1 then do nothing.


I add two ITE columns for increment and decrement.

Let’s say the list has 20 rows.

Increment: If paging number = 20 then show notification “Nothing more to show”, else +1.

Decrement: If paging number = 1 then show notification “Nothing more to show”, else -1.


Imma try both ideas. Thanks @Robert_Petitto and @ThinhDinh

Edit: It works great!!

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UPdating here !!!

Great, this is just what i need :wink:

That was my first thought although I wish buttons were resizable and the incremented number can be nested between them somehow.

Presuming this item is in a “cart,” one adjustment can eliminate the need for an edit pencil or faux trash can to delete the item:

Have 2 sets of button bars.

Set 1:
For Left Button (-): Left action → Increment Qty by -1
For Right Button (+): Right action → Increment Qty by 1
Visibility: Show when Qty > 1

Set 2:
For Left Button (-): Left Compound Action*
For Right Button (+): Right Action → Increment Qty by 1
Visibility: Show when Qty = 1

→ Action
a. Set columns to clear row for item
b. Go back (to cart)


This is great and all but we need to be able to set these buttons to work with already created “DETAIL” screens. I have some screens with 50+ components that without being able to link to them I cannot make any changes to already built apps. @david , Do we know if this will become a feature eventually and if so how soon? It’s nice to have new options but without being able to replace old workarounds or options with these it makes older apps continue to look old and outdated.


The button bar works with all detail screens.

No, what I mean is lets say we build a detail screen with a ton of components. We don’t have a way to make a new button access that detail screen unless we rebuild it from scratch. To be more specific. I setup a link to screen that uses “NOTIFICATIONS” sheet and I call that link to screen “MANAGER NOTIFICATIONS” I cannot send another button to this same setup, when I try it’s just blank and I have to rebuild it all over again for the next button. So with that being said using the new buttons I would have to spend days in some cases rebuilding all the info that a current button goes to because it could be 10 detail sheets deep that once the 12st one is changed they are all gone.



This is great idea

Thank you

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Yes, I see.


Hopefully saving/configuring screens will he available in the new builder!

Edit/Delete :grin:

Screen Shot 2021-01-16 at 1.37.44 PM


Do you know if in the future we will be able to do this?

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