Bullion clicking itself on

My app’s URL: https://crafthawk.glideapp.io/

I’ve got a rogue bullion that keeps clicking itself after several seconds making it impossible to not filter the search for that result. I’ve included a short video to show you and it’s the only one I can find that’s having an issue. I have the exact same configuration on a different tab and it’s fine.

Do you have any scripts that may toggle it to true again? This toggle is user specific correct? and it rests in a sheet with row owners?

Yes, user specific, on the users sheet, no scripts in the house.

Have you tried the toggle outside of Glide editor. I just attempted it and it worked fine. The issue may be in the editor that your not viewing it as a logged in user. Which means it works fine:)

Hm. I’m always viewing as a logged in user but I’ll try it on my phone and ask my friend to check hers too then. If that’s the case, it’s still pretty annoying because it’s making it more difficult for me to test my new filters since it clicks itself over within a second of switching from layout to data view.

It could just be a bug in Glide. But I went to your app and played with all of the toggles and not one would auto toggle after i played with them.

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Thanks! Well, I’ll consider it solved with that then. I was having trouble the other day where building filters was just flat out not working on my desktop but then I went home and it worked fine on my laptop so maybe I’ve got an anti-filters ghost in this computer or something. Keeps me on my toes :woman_shrugging:

I would look at the browser your using as well. I have issues once in a while in edge, chrome is very consistent but can slow down with too many rows, firefox is consistent just a little slower.

Yeah, Idk. I’m Chrome all the way. Thanks for your help! I"m feeling better knowing it worked fine for you :slight_smile: