Building and working with Field Apps

Hey fellow Gliders :wave:,

I have noticed that Glide is big on field Apps lately and actively promoting building such.
I have a few field Apps in my “library” that I have stopped working on for the time being with the hope that there will be a release of a feature that allows seamless copying or back-up of such Apps.

My Apps’ architecture is such that I have 2 Apps that are connected. One being the field App and the other the admin app for the office personnel.
I wanted to find out from the other builders how do they handle the issue of not being able to have an exact copy or back up of the current App that is in use. The copy I am referring to needs to be linked or connected meaning that when I make a back up, I make a back-up of the “linked” solution not the individual Apps which won’t be connected.
Any ideas on how one can best handle this dilemma or how are the other creators who are building field Apps handling this situation?