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Hello. I have a need to create two versions of same screen (one for admin - edit is possible). Other for viewer (no edit). So I created a view only sheet from the main sheet using a Query formula that returns all rows of the main sheet. I am pointing the viewer screen to the “virtual sheet”. Is there a way to quickly copy screen layout, conditions, etc from the admin screen to the viewer screen?

Glide won’t even let me open it in another tab so that I can look and create settings manually one by one. Can I open open it on another computer?


Unfortunately I don’t think you can copy a layout. It would be nice, but I wonder what would happen if both sheets don’t match exactly… You could always open the app in a browser or your phone. You won’t be able to see the component settings, but you could at least see the components to help with creating the second layout.

It is not really optimal. May be there is some sort of copy / paste that’s safe glide people are working on. It can save a lot of repetitive work. But copy-paste is also a huge source of bugs so it needs to be something that just puts components in place and then user will verify and add details. It will at lease save going to “add component”, type in the component, select it and add it.

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