Builder is refreshing and losing data

Builder keeps refereshing for the past 2 hours

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Hi @Yasin_Hassanien

Could you get us a Replay of this?

I can’t get a reply as it happens everynow and then which like every 5 to 6 mins maybe in the pages builder and I couldn’t catch it via reply

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Engineering is working on this at the moment.

I can reproduce @SantiagoPerez .

Please do this while we get a definite fix.

Press: cmd/control>shift>R

That will fix the issue.

Didn’t work unfortunately

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What browser are you guys using?

yep, very annoying for the past 2 days editor keeps refreshing every few minutes

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Chrome. And yes, it didn’t work.


There is a fixing coming up in next few days. Meanwhile, please use an incognito browser to avoid the refresh.

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Any news?