Build your Tournament

with this application you can easily create the bracket of the tournament
you can create as many tournament as you wish with a hierarchy, master event, sub event
inside the events you can create 1Vs1 tournament or 1VsX (1 to many) with a single match or round-trip
the Bracket are created automatically and the table can be downloaded easily
please let me have your comment and please have a try of it.



Sounds interesting!! is it possible to do,say a 5 sets of 20 person tournament?

I just made it for you, check it out.
To see generated the other matches, you have to go to the single matches and assign the numbers of sets for each players.
Currently you can define the number of sets like 2, 3, 5 ,7 but it’s ready to eventually add more, there is a specific db table for this.
You can define different number of sets for the final match.
If you want to try by yourself, I can activate a trigger, let me know.

I saw that there are several things still not correct, as I missed to test it properly :sweat_smile:

Check it out and let me know if any doubts suggestions.