Build mode option

I had to upgrade my account to demo an app for a client before completing it and transferring it to the client. I reached my published app limit. (I forgot to downgrade and had to pay for another month. No big deal but still, money is money :slight_smile: )

What if I could set a project to build mode? This means you can’t set a custom domain name, and maybe it expires after a week or something and has to be reenabled. The idea is you can have another app that you can publish simply to demo to a client during the build. Otherwise if I reach my publish limit then I need to upgrade.

The alternative could be to ask the client to sign up for an account which isn’t terrible.

Are there any other options I haven’t considered?

How about telling the client to sign up for an account, make a team and invite you, then use the Business Plan trial?

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Good suggestion.

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