BUG with tablet/desktop view on a form and link to screen and refresh

Hi Gliders and Glide team,

I found what I think is a bug and if it’s not then this is not clear to me.

here is the scenario:
I have a form button that users can register to a service. one of the required fields is checkbox for T&C and under it there is a link to screen button so they can read and view the T&Cs if they wish to do so. the problem is that once you go to the T&Cs screen on desktop view you can’t go back to the form whiole on mobile you have a back button.

see to GIFs, the 1st is on mobile and the 2nd is on desktop view.

The last issue is that you can’t refresh the desktop view as you get “no found” error and need to delete the “full” suffix of the url. This is something users will not know how to do.

Thanks for the help!

@Mark, @Jason
Appreciate a response to this

The /full issue should be fixed now. We’re working on the other issue. It’ll be fixed on Tuesday. Thank you for reporting.

Other issue is fixed in our dev environment. Will roll out on tuesday as mark said.

Thanks both, saw yesterday that the /full already fixed, will wait to Tuesday to the other fix.

Have a nice week.