BUG - I think I broke Glide tables

Hi @Mark and @david

I Have a huge glide table with many (MANY!!!) columns.
up until now it worked great but today when I try to update a IF-THEN-ELSE column I keep getting an error that glide couldn’t save my app and even if it looks like it did save when I reload the app it osn’t save.

this will be a pro app when I finish it for a personal trainer that automatically builts a training program for his trainees.

see the video that shows the problem.

Pls let me know what I can do to continue or if this is the limit of glide table and I should abendon the development of this app and let the customer glide is not the right tool after all (we’re working on this app for 4 month already.
I stil l have many more columns I’ll need to add so I need to know what to do.

thanks in advance

We have a limit of 30 characters for column names in Glide Tables. It looks like you have very long column names with some special characters too. Please try to simplify the column names.

We are working to increase this limit on column names.

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Ok. I see will review my columns name and let you know if this was the problem.
Thank you. Wasn’t aware there is a limitation on column length.

Will be happy to share this app with you guys as this is mainly based on glide tablea and if I’ll get it to work this could be a great use case for you guys on the glide tables.

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Please share a support link.

Also, I think you might want to add an error message if we cross the limit or use character which isn’t allowed

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Sent it to the support. Jesus already answered and I think he passed it to your team. Let me know if you need it again.

I stand corrected—@mark let me know that I am wrong about the column name limit.

So it might be a bug eventually? If so, let me know after you review the support link.

If this is not a bug will be happy to learn what I did wrong or 8f I did reach the glide table limit