Bring Multiple Row items Into one row different columns

Hey all,

I was wondering if there were any thoughts on a way that I can bring values from multiple rows into corresponding rows but multiple columns.

To explain better see the example below:

This is the multiple rows (the common value is A)

A: 1223
A: 1226
B: 1225
B: 1228

Lookup by A: returns = 1223 and 1226

Is there any way to have both 1223 and 1226 show up on both rows for each item (for example 1226 on the row of 1223 but different column and 1223 on row of 1226 in different column)

You can create relations within the table with the common value!
But the relation would also include the current row as well which cane filtered out.
So you would have the data of all rows with common value in all the corresponding rows!

Yes i have this so far, How do I filter out the current row item?

Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 11.56.04 PM

Have a look at the Remove Element from Array plugin.


This is very cool! Pretty amazing how powerful Glide is and becoming :slight_smile:

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