Items in Array to separate row in another table

Back again!

I read relevant posts to my problem below, but have not had these methods work

I want a lookup/query/relationship/formula (I don’t know what the preferred method is) to extract Array column values in ‘table 1’ cell and create ‘table 2’ rows.

Table 1 Array column snip:
Context here - Each row is a receipt. Each receipt is unique and identifiable to a user & rowID

Table 2 Desired outcome (SUPPORT NEEDED):
Create a row for every array item. For example ‘Unie Sauce Chili’ should be a row & ‘Green Lentils’ should be a row, and so on. Once all items are in a separate row then the next receipt will begin filling rows. all items will be related back to a receipt in table 1 and the rowID.

Let me know how I can kickstart this process, cheers!

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How did you populate the array in table 1 in the first place?

Screen Shot 2024-06-18 at 18.30.42

So the item_name column is a JSON query?

Yes item_name is JSON query

Does it have to be a JSON query for this to work though? Going back a further step, how was the original JSON created? This eventually will lead you to a situation where you have to use the Glide API/Call API action to add mutliple rows, so I have to make sure I understand how it’s created in the first place.

Currently: Scanned Receipt (image)>AI>JSON>JSON query.

Is the Glide API/Call API action to add multiple rows simpler?

They are the only ways to do that for now.

Please have a watch here.

I will give this a try!

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This video is helpful, but as a follow up:

I have a glide maker subscription and do not have access to the glide API being used. I cannot rationalize getting an upgrade just for API access. is there an alternative method, or integration to externally do this?

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