Breaking Actions in inline list with Set Column action

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This inline list had a set column with a single relation… thats the 4th time this happens, breaking it and reseting to “This item” and no set action.

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This app started a beta test yesterday, and yet yesterday this was verified by @TBG


+1 for this. I see this happening here and there a few weeks ago when I have single set column action on the main screen. However when I add it as a single component in a “New action” then there’s no problem. I have told myself to just add an action everytime just in case.

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I think it’s generally a good practice to always create a custom action, even if it’s just a single step.
Almost inevitably you’ll find yourself coming back later wanting to add extra steps. And if you haven’t started with a custom action, then you might find yourself redoing a whole bunch of work.