Branding our App with Company Logo

Hi. Does anyone know how to brand a mobile app with our own company logo on every page? It would be nice to have a banner across the top of each page, something prominent like the image attached. Thank you.

hello you can use css to do this. create a rich text with and attach the following css on each page you want to have your logo
replace @A with the url of your logo to make the css work, (IF YOU CAN’T GET IT TELL ME AND I’LL EXPLAIN IT MORE CLEARLY.)

[data-test="nav-bar"] >div +* {
  color: transparent !important; 
.nav-bar-root {
  content: "";
  display: flex;
  background-image: url(@A);
  background-size: 45px 40px;
  background-repeat: no-repeat; 
  background-position: center, center;

I read somewhere that this technique is discouraged by Glide, it’s not supported, and it could create problems down the road?

It is not officially supported by Glide, and can fail anytime if they update the structure of the “Document Object Model” which powers your app/page.

However, if you understand it well, you can adjust it when they make changes that affect your code.

if you know what you doing and stay on top of the changes… is not a big problem… every month I run my apps with updates… and after a few years here, it was easy to make scripts that will update all Apps according to Glide changes

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