Brainstorming - In-app semi-chat?

Hi all,
More an open debate than a question.
Say a CRM app which logs activities related to clients. Would it be wise to offer an option to “reply” on an activity? something like a follow up which will relate to a specific activity, rather then become an activity on its own. I’m concerned about both the logic behind it (will users easily understand) and the technical implementation (best way to do it).
What do you think?

I want to participate in the debate but it is a little vague … Could you develop the idea?

We have one sheet with clients.
Another sheet will house the activity log. For example, say you call a client in regards to a specific sales opportunity. On that particular call, the client cannot provide a final answer so the opportunity is still open. The question now is would the follow-up activities be standalone, or all linked back to a specific first call.
A related debate would be how to present this to the users (GUI), i.e. what will generate the best UX. While having it’s activity as standalone would probably be the easiest for users to comprehend, it might backfire when coming to deal with prolong and complex processes.

I don’t yet have the full picture in my head as well, which is one of the reasons for this debate :slight_smile:

What I would see immediately applicable would be a kind of closed questionnaire with radio buttons. For the first question you give them 3 or maximum 5 answers. That would allow to locate the stage in which the customer is, with perhaps a last radio button "I don’t know yet ". Then according to the answer it is directed to another page with another question with other radio buttons for answers (3 to keep a good UX). He is in step 2. At the bottom of each page, two buttons: continue and (continue the questionnaire (next step), continue the questionnaire later. This will record the information he sends. Then each time he comes back he continues the questionnaire. It will be up to you to create of course the different stages and to create the corresponding columns with different scenarios. It is also important not to overload the page and to leave half of the page empty to keep having a good UX. This is the first idea I would see to begin with. Tell me if that might work.