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Hi gliders,

I want to pick your big brains if you let me :smirk:
I’m building a guide for no code tools (glide included obviously) in glide.

Some of the guides are open and free to all and some are for members only.
I have a hard time to allow members only the authorization to view all 2hile the rest could go only to the open part.

I figured out a way to do it with creating separate lists but it’s not very user friendly.

Has anyone built something like this before and have an idea how to do it?

I have in my guides sheet a column that indicates if the guide is for members only or open to all but can’t use this on the filter as the row doesn’t belong to a specific user.

Any ideas in how to attach this in a nicer more friendly way are much appreciated.

The app itself will eventually allow building a costume guide that looks different for each guide based on playing with multiple components and filling part of them do the look will be different.

Thanks hive brain!

If you are using user profiles, you should be able to indicate what kind of member each user is and use that for the filter of your list of guides. Or do you want all to be viewable, but only certain ones have access to more details?

I think this is a pretty good representation of what you can do.

Also, the category you selected for your post is intended for solutions only, to refer people to. Not so much for asking question.

Yes. I want all to see everything but only paying members to be able to see the details screen.

Thanks for the help and for pointing my category. Changed it

I think you might have to let them click through to the details, but then use visibility to hide any components you don’t want them to see. I think that’s what was done in the tutorial I shared. If you let them click though to the details and it’s a paid area, you could display a purchase button and maybe a teaser description, but hide the rest until they are a paid member and their status changes in the user profile sheet.

I thought about doing it like this. That was one of my early ideas but would prefer to have them not go through at all but I guess there is no way of doing it.

Appreciate your inputs brother. A always right on spot

Yeah, I’m not aware of a way to conditionally control the view details action. Maybe you could play around with the Enhanced Link to Screen option in staging by setting up a relation for each row that only fills based on the paid status from the user profile. If the relation is empty, then maybe it won’t click through.

You’re spot on Jeff. I was just going to recommend this. After playing around with the link to screen on tile layout where link to screen was a relation, if the relation wasn’t there, clicking the tile did nothing. Otherwise, it went to the details screen.

Neat use case.

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Interesting notion. Love it. Unfortunately it’s only in staging for now.
I will check this and see how to set this up.
Very creative thinking Jeff :clap::clap:

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@Robert_Petitto Awsome! Good to know.

@yinon_raviv nothing stays in staging long, especially once it’s been announced to test. I bet it’ll be released this week. Next week at the absolute latest.

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In Hebrew we say inshallah which means in loose translation with gods will (or David and Mark :smile::wink:)


Actually is Arabic and we embraced it :sweat_smile:

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@Jeff_Hager @Robert_Petitto

So I’ve created a column on my users sheet which indicates paid = yes and empty if not paid. I’ve related it to a matching column on the guides sheet which indicates yes if this is a paid guide or empty if this is a free guide.

Now, I’m not sure how to set the enhenced link to screen. When I’m choosing the relation as the data it open a list of the users which have yes on their paid column.
I’ve probably missed something in your idea but not sure what.

You might have to use arrayformulas in the sheet for this. I think you would create 2 columns in the Guides sheet that indicates if it’s ‘Free’ or ‘Paid’ and set them up as an array column. One column that’s filled with ‘Free’ joined with the Guide ID, but only for Free only guides. The second filled with ‘Paid’ and joined with the Guide ID, but for all rows. In the Users sheet, you will have a column that indicates if the user is ‘Free’ or ‘Paid’. Assuming you are using user profiles, you should then be able to create a template of the user’s Free/Paid status joined with the Guide ID. Then create a relation using that template to join to the array column in the same sheet we created in earlier in the sheet. If the user status is ‘Free’, then only the free guides should return a related row. If the user status is ‘Paid’ then all rows should return in the relation. You can then use the relation for the enhanced link to screen, which will be linking to the same row because Guide ID is part of the relation.

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