Boolean column values do not work as expected

Tier: 14 trial version (Business)
Browser: Opera
Table: Glide table

Describe the bug:
When a record is added to a table with a boolean column, and the boolean column value is not explicitly set to true/false, then Glide leaves this value as - what I can only assume is a None value. The box in the column is not checked and one expects it to be a ‘false’ value. The result is that the lookup column in another table does not reflect the correct value i.e. true/false but rather an empty value.

Expected behavior:
An unchecked box in the boolean column should always reflect as ‘false’

How to replicate:

  1. Create a table with a few values of which one is a boolean column.
  2. Create another table with a relation and lookup to the boolean column.
  3. Add a new record to the table in #1 without explicitly setting the boolean value. The result is an unchecked value in the column.

Actual behavior:
Check the lookup column. You will find that the value is empty instead of ‘false’.
When I check and uncheck the boolean column in the table, it fixes the problem and the lookup column then displays the boolean value.

I add 2 screenshots - One showing the missing lookup value and the other showing the value after I checked and unchecked the boolean column.
Screenshot 2023-07-18 at 11.37.10

Screenshot 2023-07-18 at 11.38.18

This is expected behavior. A Boolean column has three states… empty, true and false. Initially it is empty, when you select it’s true and when you deselect it is false.

You could cover the ‘empty’ state with an ite column…


If col 1 → is not checked → then false → else true

Then point your lookup at the ite column

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@Eric_Penn Thank you for the explanation. I will implement your suggestion.

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