Booking app with error

Hi, I’ve copied a reservation app and it works, but it fails when the reservation is confirmed. how could I fix it? thank you very much in advance

Hola @Raquel,

What’s the problem? Do you have a video or screenshots of what’s happening?

Hola Santiago! Muchas gracias por ayudarme.

Te adjunto foto del error que me sale a mí en la web al intentar reservar como administrador.

Mil gracias !

The original app has a Zap connected to it. You must go to Zapier, create an account, add an identical Zap (or ask the app owner to help) then connect it to this action.

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Lo que dice @ThinhDinh! Debes crear tu propio zap para que pueda funcionar.

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Muchas gracias!! Voy a ello :slight_smile:

Thank you so much. I will do it! :blush:

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