Booking Conflict

in a reservation app, after booking different hours, it’s showing a conflict button instead of booking completed button, can’t find the condition in the data editor either? help!

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What’s the condition on the button?

I would check to make sure your Room Reservation relation and the Start DateTime values in the data are correctly filled.

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Anything wrong here??


Sorry, I’m on vacation and have very limited access to internet, a computer, and time to understand the problem. So any additional info, such as videos, screenshots, and thorough explanations, that you can provide to help me understand, will help a lot for me or others to find you an answer.

So the visibility conditions are for the conflict button? I’m not sure what I’m looking at in your second screenshot. Which row is the row that’s having the problem. I see some rows with the start date time filled, some that are not, and some with a reservation relation that’s not empty, and some that are empty…but I don’t know which row is giving you a problem, so I don’t know which row would be triggering the condition incorrectly.


can i link you the sheet for you to check it out? , one more glider gave an input, working on that,

You need to clear the values of user selected start time and end time.


thanks a lot🙏