Hotel reservation - sneak preview

Here’s a sneak preview of my hotel reservation template. Coming soon!


what do you put in the carpet before smoking it???


@AyS_0908 something tells me this is a French expression for someone high on cannabis or some drug… :rofl: :rofl:…I get it…Hoping this is my last!

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Yes exactly! I was trying to see if it could be understood in English, brilliant translation @Wiz.Wazeer
ps: also an indirect way to congrat for your app

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Thank you!

This area I understand huh worked almost 3 years as receptionist and responsible for the reservations sector :hotel:

Let me test it when it’s done :grin:


Sure bro! This is perfect for me…See the only thing I was struggling with was getting the dates in between the check-in/out to show as booked on Jeff’s calendar. That was crucial for me. In the end I found a sheet formula instead of script for it…The other thing was the nights…when you deduct the in from the out to get the number of nights…you are still left with decimals which meant they too got added to the bill (as 3 pence or 19 pence extra). But then I found a way round this by TRUNCATING the date in the editor. This was a hard one @Lucas_Pires !

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no way man… you have no cure making this kind of APP!! :rofl:

btw… does your APP control WiFi passwords in rooms?

Saludos Wiz, nice work


@gvalero for the WIFI control I am sending the hotels to you! :grinning:

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yes… I can with that! :muscle:

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May I have the password and cup of whiskey plz? :tumbler_glass: :sweat_smile:

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In a week or sooner, you can have the whole thing! :grinning: :grinning:

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Oh, so I presume I’ll get a minibar too :star_struck::rofl:


Nearly there! Managed to make @Jeff_Hager calendar clickable and colourful.



Okay here is the app…test it please…It is not finished yet…I still have lots to add but the editor is not letting me do anything…Don’t pay with Stripe (I have yet to set it up (payrequest), but pretend you are pay with PayPal…

First time you use the app you are met with Glide’s date picker…after you press search the game is replaced with Jeff’s calendar.

Wait a few seconds after payment to see your reservation on the calendar go red…Having sync issues too even though not using any scripts at all!

Each room has its own Calendar so to speak. so question of date conflict does not arise.

Like I said…not finished yet…all depends on Glide’s response to my ills…will post video on all the troubles I have been facing for last two weeks ! Maybe you guys could assist.

Thank you

Flipping through the app tabs not an issue.

Here is a loom video of all my problems. The new message now I am getting used to is below (lol): It takes ages for everything to load now…I type in some text…the first letter shows but the rest of the sentence after 10-20 seconds.

Judging by your video and the Loom countdown timer freezing up, I would say you have something working your browser or computer pretty hard. I don’t know if it would necessarily be Glide that’s the problem, unless you have some very heavy calculations taking place in your data. My be worth a full computer restart or check you task manager to see what’s using up all of your CPU or RAM.

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Hmmm i do have a lot of calculations it’s true but why that should be an issue is a mystery not least when all taking place in the editor. Checked everything on the net and browser side but all fine. I have 3 laptops and facing same issue on two of them ( third I’ve not tested yet). Thing is when I use some other application like concepts even (which has an unbearable amount of formulas and calculations - in a nice way :slightly_smiling_face:) all works fine but admittedly this app has a structure that’s even new to me. I’ll run checks on everything again just to be on the safe side.


As for the loom countdown timer, I exceed my max 5 minutes, sadly.

Calculation are in the editor, but your computer is still processing them locally. Google Sheets is the same way when you have the sheet open. Your local resources are used to perform calculations.
Calculations don’t happen on the server. I’ve had heavy apps spin up my cooling fan when there is a lot to process. Mostly this has happened to me when I’ve created relations to a few thousand rows that rely on computed columns to compute on all of the related rows before the relation can return data. In some cases, it has crashed the browser tab, so I know it’s possible if you are making it work through a lot of data. If it’s happening on multiple computers, then it’s probably not an external source, but something with the structure of your app and maybe some inefficient relations. Windows Task Manger would confirm if chrome is using up resources or not. Chrome also has it’s own task manager as well to see which tabs are using resources.

As for my mention of loom, I wasn’t referring to the 5 minute limit, I was referring to the fact that the time paused several times in your video, which would indicate to me that the computer is working extra hard and using up all available CPU and/or RAM.