Blood pressure and pulse tracking/log

Here is a simple fast way to log BP and pulse with some alerts.
I would like to use coloring to indicate serious reading (e.g. high BP or fast heart rate)
Appreciate any comments

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your link is not working friend


remove the underscore

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Nice app but as you say, some colors and bars will take it to another level.

Maybe you’d like to use and incorporate something like this:


Saludos @Nadir_Abdelrahman_MD

great @gvalero. will try

Hello @Nadir_Abdelrahman_MD , I congratulate you on the app. I find it great for patients who need to monitor their health.
I tested it with user eyes. Notice that it adds the heart rates.
And do you have a way to filter by patient?
I congratulate you again.

Thanks @Tuttografica
It is made simple for one user. For more than one user (e.g. husband & wife) or family, then we can filter using their login email.

@ThinhDinh or @Robert_Petitto can add some input. Any help appreciated.

I think it’s great. How do you calculate the “Tachycardia” part?

My grandma has a device to monitor her blood pressure but no apps to store historical data. This would be great.

Tachycardia: If heart rate is >100 beat/min.
I am glad that can be of help.

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Thank you, let me know if I can help. When my grandma comes to live with us in a few weeks I will use your app to store the daily stats for her blood pressure.

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Great. Thanks.

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Hello thank you for creating this, on the My Log page it keeps saying Januray 1 1970 at 12 am , how can I fix this please?

Thank you for trying the app, and also for pointing this glitch. It has been fixed. Please let me know if I can be of any other help. NGA