Black screen after Welcome Screen - is this supposed to happen?

For my app, I have a welcome screen, then the user gets into the app. I am using a background image too.

When the user goes back into the app, after closing it down, then the splash screen comes up, then (for whatever odd reason) a black screen with a Glide spinner, then it is into the app.

Is there something I am doing wrong - or is this 'expected functionality?


Can you open the app in a browser where you can open the browser development tools (F12) and take a look at the console.

I had this week also a black screen problem and in the console there was an error. Something about permission rights on a table.

and it is black as I have dark mode turned on… without it, it would be bright white (during the day)

fascinating! Is this all the non-referenced things in my Glide app? Things that are not used, etc?

how concerned should I be - as these red things go on for pages and pages!

If your app works like expected, who cares :wink:

true… I am trying to make things go a little faster, and make it feel a little less Glide-y (in a good way!)