Black Bar in Header of White Themed Apps

My app’s URL:

Is the black bar that’s part of apps with a white theme a bug or expected? This makes the app look less app-like in my opinion.

The splash screen, that appears when the app’s first opened, does cover the top of the screen so it looks like this could be avoided.

Splash screen screenshot

The bar’s not visible when the app’s viewed in the desktop site either -

I sent a DM and Glide support got back to me already :raised_hands:

If I understood correctly, the issue’s caused when you add the app to your home screen while it has a dark theme and then switch the theme to light.

But even when I deleted the app from my home screen and added it again with a light theme selected for the app, the bar was still visible. I had to switch off dark mode on my phone too. If I switch dark mode back on, on my phone then the bar reappears.

The team told me that they have to switch the theme to dark if dark mode’s activated on the phone. The issue is that, that change is only applied to the header.

I was hoping that this would be ‘fixed’ with this update -

But it’s not 100% there yet.

If I set the phone’s theme to Light in the app’s settings in Glide, then when I switch my phone from light mode to dark, the header switches to black and when I force quit and reopen the app, the theme’s switched to dark.

But if I set the app’s theme to Dark and download it then the app still has a black bar all of the time.

It’d also be better if the theme updated without the user having to force quit and reopen the app each time, especially for people who have their phone set to automatically switch modes depending on the time of day.

Still, this is a big improvement!