Bill by usage

Does anyone have a creative way to bill by usage similar to the way Glide charges for their Private Pro App “$2 dollars per user, per month, billed monthly”

In my situation I am using a spreadsheet formula, the basis of which is =COUNTIFS(C:C;"=My_Item";A:A;">="&TODAY()-30) to determine usage of a particular item over the last 30 days.

This is working as expected however it could be more precise (is just the last 30 days) and I only need the result on the 1st of the month…not updated everyday.

I know this would be possible with app script but was wondering if there is an elegant way to do this in sheets and or glide. :grinning:

Is there any disadvantage of having it updated everyday?

I’d like to bill once a month (for the prior month) while giving the user the first few days of a new month to complete payment.

I think I’m on the right path with the following formula where column A contains your dates.


A count of all the dates from the prior month…

Update: Adding some additional criteria to the syntax achieves my desired result.

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