Big problem with watch changes module sheet in integromat

I have a problem :

  • I upload an image on one of my screens of my application
  • The link of this image appears on my google sheet which serves as my data
  • The link of the image arrives on my data sheet
  • I have configured on integromat the watch changes module of google sheet which is triggered when the link of the image uploader is displayed on the data sheet
  • But the module does not trigger when the image link is displayed
  • But when I copy paste the link directly on the data sheet: the module is triggered
  • why ?

Integromat can only receive notifications that a person edited your spreadsheet, not that an API updated it.

Here’s a thought, assuming you’re talking about an edit screen here.

  • Create an “Image Temporary” column.
  • On entry to the edit screen, set the “Image” column’s value to the “Image Temporary” column.

Then, for an on-submit action of the edit screen, if Image Temp is different to Image, and if Image Temp is not empty.

  • Set the value of “Image Temporary” to “Image”, and then trigger Make (Integromat) using a webhook action.

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