Better to use Javascript Column or External Code for App Speed?

Hi, I’m curious whether using one or the other approaches for javascript (column vs externally hosted code) has an effect on overall app speed and/or speed of the calculations for the column itself? Thank you so much for any input!

without testing, logic will suggest that external will be slower

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In my experience, JavaScript is faster because it runs locally, so any network latency is eliminated.

As a general rule, I only use an external code column if it’s something I need a lot. ie. it’s easier to re-use than copy/pasting the same JavaScript code over and over again.


Hi hi @Darren_Murphy Darren wondering if Javescript can use to collect JSON data?

How do we access Glide.json as mentioned in the above link?

Javascript is a computed column so its faster than appscripts.
The returned value of the appscript will take time to sync into the app as well

What exactly do you mean by this? Are you trying to create a new JSON object or are you trying to fetch it from somewhere else?


Thanks for your reply.

Trying to create a new JSON Object.

It seems that @Darren_Murphy has helped in another conversation.


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