Better controls for us for the Splash Welcome Screen

The restrictions on the splash screen are… bizarre. Especially as someone had to sit down and choose to make this screen!

An example

  • I cannot change the font size of the header… otherwise I get the three dots…
  • I cannot add line breaks in the text

BTW… a nice thing with Glide:

  • my app has a User app and an Agent app
    – not any more! I now have another User app
    — for a special region of Germany called Binz, a holiday resort

Last night I took a cut of the live User app, and slightly modified it for this project. The backend is the same, and it fits into the agent app the same too.

Now if only I could refresh the design of the app somehow… (ok, would not work in this case as I immediately made changes in 1 app that should not be in the other) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: hard stuff!!