Best way to set up table / function?

Hello Community , Now I am working on Machine Daily Routine
I got 17 Machines in the factory which assigned differently work each day from customer order
My routine is that

  1. In the morning , my supervisor need to input Machine Assignment
    Ex : Machine 1 - Product ( Apple)
    Machine 2 - Product ( Banana)
    In this part , some machine might produce same product sometimes and some machine broken , so I use multiple component and counts which work great
  2. In the end of the day , I want my worker to put total amount of works for each Machine
    Ex. Machine 1 : Product(Apple ) - 50 pcs ( 8 Hour) - 6.25 pcs / hr
    Machine 2 : Product ( Banana) - 80 pcs ( 8 Hr) - 10/hr
    Something like this
    What’s the best way to design the tables and set up page in Glide ?
    Should I make 2 different table and use relation between Date each tabel? Still can’t figure it out

If your ultimate need is to see what each machine is used for each day, then I think it can be just one table.

Machine 1 | Apple | 50 pcs | 8 hours
Machine 2 | Banana | 80 pcs | 8 hours

Or do I miss something here?

My situation is that Machine assignment happen in the morning and total work need to be submit when end of the day

  1. In the morning , my worker submit form machine - work
  2. At the end of the day , my worker go edit more for each output number
    Is this gonna work ?

Yeah, you can just let them edit that same row.