Automatic Row addition in table #2 based on the data in table #1

I want to know how to execute the logic explained in the diagram below. Is there anyone who can help me figure out this machine checklist application algorithm?

I would wait for experts to reply… But to me it looks like your logic should be reversed. Manager should submit his report to Table 2 and you just need to look up the last check date in the Table 1.
Were you planning for the manager to be able to add rows to Table 1? :thinking:

As for the part when you would like your app send scheduled notifications to admins - unfortunately scheduled actions are not released yet (not for Glide Tables). So to trigger any type of action (or a sequence of actions) you need a User to press something (like a button) to initiate that action.
But rumours are that time based actions are just around the corner!

Good Luck!

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Hi Nataliya,

Thank you for your input.
Yes the manager will be adding data to Table #1, such as machine id, Question Id and frequency.
But table 2, no user will create new rows, its supposed to create rows automatically based on the data in table 1. And when the responsible user check the machine and update the result- timestamp of result addition will be recorded.

If this logic is not practical in glide, i would appreciate if the experts can suggest an alternative method for this automation task.

Thank you!

Rows should be added to the second table at the time the checks are performed.

You can build logic in the first table to indicate when a check is due for each item, based on the frequency, the current date, and the date of the last check.


Is it possible to send recurring notifications to the responsible user, if the manger set the frequency = weekly in table 1?

Which in turn when the user responds to his job notification a row will be created in table 2…

Not natively in Glide, no.
You would need to use an external automation tool, and the available options would depend very much on which Glide Plan you have.

Team and Business plans have the same functions right?

Per the Pricing page, Business has access to the Advanced API (which includes Query), whilst Team does not.

However, I’m not sure if this applies to the Make/Zapier integration. Please check to see if your team can use the get all rows action, that’s the main difference.