Add Row From a few table


I’m doing the Machine Inspection form with different table.
I’m connecting all table with “Report No.”
Example :
Table 1 - Machine Details
Table 2 - Pre-Operational
Table 3 - Function Test
Table 4 - Service/Maintenance
and others…

and I need another table which combine all items maybe when user click the button.
Maybe something like this. Adding row from table 1, 2 , 3 and others to new table.

Main Table:
Items in Table 1 … | Items in Table 2 … | Items in Table 3… | Items in Table 4

Do you guys have any idea?

Do you mean the user will select an option from each table?

The user will fill up the form which they will add row for each table. Since different category for each table.
At the end, i need all table will be adding at the main table that contain all tables information so that they able to get summary of all.

Do all the tables have the same data structure?