Best way to set up Google Sheet for database for in-app sorting

I want to have a database for my students that will allow them to do some research on the items in a our fictitious world. I tried listing of items and creating columns into which I put a boolean check box true. I then tried setting up in-app filtering. The columns are showing in the in-app filter list but it is not filtering out the non-check categories. What is the best way to accomplish my goal of allowing students to filter out categories?

If I picture your situation right, you can have an If Then Else column, if checkbox is true then original value, else null, then let the students filter by that ITE column.

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ok, I will try setting that up…

Ok, I made a ITE but its not working… I set up a column Flora. I then gave all the items in the list a checked box if it was a Flora item. In the ITE I said “If Flora is true then Flora else false”. I tried sorting in app but it didn’t work. Filtering would be better but I could only see how to sort in-app. BTW, is there in-app filtering too?

ok. got it working. Thank you. I see there is a way to set the filter to just one category. Ideally, the filter would work like the sorting by allowing the user to filter out all content not related to the chosen category, is that possible?