Best way produce something that is easy in HTML

I want to include the following at the bottom of every screen:


I want to have the two rounded rectangles linked to external webpages.

The following HTML will produce this image:

<table width=100% bgcolor=#2A2D7B>
<td align=center><br><a href=""><img width=120px src=></a></td>
<td align=center><br><a href=""><img width=120px src=></a></td></tr>
<td align=center colspan=2 ><font color=#FFFFFF><B>Copyright © 2020<br>Lexington Historical Society<br><br></b></td>

The results of this code is shown above.

The problem I am having is that when I use this code in a Rich Text field, the two image buttons show up with broken image icons both in the laptop browser view and my iPhone smartphone view.

You can see this problem by going to and scrolling to the bottom of any screen.

So, I have concluded I need to try to create this using standard Glide mechanisms, but I’m not sure the best way to do this.

So, I have two questions:

  1. Do I really need to do this? Or is there something wrong with my HTML?
  2. If I can’t use HTML, what is the best way to do this using Glide constructs?


– Harry

Hey Harry,

You’re in luck - the Button Bar component just launched so instead of using the HTML you built, you would be able to use the Button Bar component in order to mimic the same look and UX.

For the Links to render/open in each button component (Left/Right), just point them to their corresponding URL’s in your sheet OR by adding them in the “Custom” field inside the Glide Editor.

You would then just add a Text Component underneath the Button Bar component for your Copyright info.



What are the odds…

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If the larger style tile is what you need then you could try creating a separate tab in your workbook solely for these buttons. Label them 1 & 2 or Left & Right :wink: and hard code any other information you need.

Back in Glide use an InlLine list w/ Style “Tiles” Shape 3:2 and x2 per row.

This way will keep it in the “Glide constructs” mentioned earlier. You will be able to use overlays, avatars, tags, actions, etc…

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What do you think of this? it’s the @Eric_Penn idea


Very nice, sir.

Glide Community :facepunch:


@Eric_Penn and @wjcv06 Wow, you guys nailed it! Thanks.

P.S. @ehdubya Buttonbars might also have worked, but tried (for a while) but failed to figure out how to get the contents of the buttons to be my own images or how to get the dark blue background. I’ll try again tomorrow when my creative juices have returned after a good night’s sleep…


You can copy the example :+1:

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