Best resources for learning glide

Hi all, I want to learn Glide as I would like to build a CRM / business management / job booking software for by business.

I have started to build what I would like but I seem to struggle and the Glide docs seem quite basic. Maybe what I want to build is not possible or maybe I just don’t have the knowledge yet.

Is it possible to build an app where there would be 4 users types for example?

A customer who could also have a portal to view previous job /invoices, the office who could book the jobs in and resolve tasks etc and the engineers who would accept jobs and carry out the work and send a report etc

If any can point me I. The right direction that would be great.

If your user types require separate data security then it’s best to build a separate app for those users. The thing about Glide is that the users table is unique and so it’s best to have an app that specifies a table dedicated to those users.

If it’s just a matter of admins being able to have admin functionality, then you don’t need a separate app…

…but for those apps where vendors are users versus employees are users, then it really should be a second app.

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Hi Robert, thanks so much for your reply! Funnily enough, I’m currently watching one of your videos!

That makes perfect sense, I think I will reduce my ambitions and avoid customers having access so it is just office, admin and engineers. I think this will make everything easier. Thanks again and great vids!

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:smiling_face: let me know if you run into any issues.