Best practices + Pro Tips

Hi all!

I’ve launched my app and have what I currently need in terms of data collection and required fields.

Is there a list of best practices or recommended customer data that would be useful to start collecting now for future use?

It may be vague but any tips you have based on your experience would be welcomed.

Random ideas in no particular order:

  • Do use hidden fields to shorten forms and keep the user experience streamlined: values from screen, values from user profile and special values (timestamp, email of signed-in user for ownership, etc.)
  • Logging the timestamp (date and time) of the form submission usually doesn’t hurt. It’s only one extra column and a hidden field.
  • See upfront if the item added will need to be related to another table. If so, what columns will you be relating, that is, are you gathering sufficient data?
  • Avoid text entry fields to gather data that needs to be exact because for instance the data will be used in a relation (try using RowIDs for relations anyway). Instead, use the choice component.
  • Form UI, placeholder vs label: test the placeholder field instead of the label field in entry components and see if you prefer that look.
  • Form UI, date vs datetime: these two entry components are available, see which one is most appropriate.

Epic thanks for this Nathanael!

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