Documentation best practices

Hi all! I’ve been in the process of building my team a project management app. It’s working well and my team is hoping to scale it to the rest of the department. I would like to make sure I have things documented so I can knowledge share with others. Would love to have another point person maintaining the app if I ever leave or go on vacation. Anyone have any guidance on documentation best practices (fields, tables, automations, etc.)?

That’s a great question but I have to admit I’m guilty of not doing this. Anyone done Glide specific documentation?

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A good practice is to use column grouping in the data editor.

If you insert a forward slash in the column name I.e. rollup/day rollup/month rollup/year… rollup will become a group label.

This makes it much easier to work with data in the editor as it allows you to collapse groupings. It also allows us to search our data very efficiently. Given the example above if I search in the editor for ‘rollup’ I would find every rollup column used by my app.

Abbreviations for column types is also a nice touch i.e.

ru → rollup
rel → relation
lu → lookup
mth → math


Another approach could be to group by a feature instead of a column type… feature1/ feature2/

Not exactly the documentation you are looking for but should definitely help improve productivity.


Thank you so much! This is already eons better than what I’m doing now. Looks like I have some field name auditing to do :slight_smile:

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I would suggest using a solution like Scribe to do your documentation. I think making it as visual as you can will be a good start.

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