Best approach for form submission with many relations?

Hi everyone! I am working on a project report, where every day I can save how many hours a co-worker has worked on a specific project.

Here is a quick video of what I have done with the workaround (I am not sure if I can be happy with this approach :slight_smile: ):

I have some questions regarding the form submission:

  1. Can you set conditional logic, so that one field only appears if a checkbox is selected? (I think you can’t)

  2. Can you have a dropdown, where you selected a value and it automatically maps the value to a specific column (based on the value chosen).

  3. There is no simple table view for form submissions?

Thanks a lot!

I have also played around with the choice field, so that one can select the coworker, but since there needs to be another value input (number of hours worked), that is not helping much either.