Best Method For Collecting Supplier Info


Just wondering what the recommendation is for the following scenario

We have an app which stores supplier information and is used internally (private users). We’d like to add the functionality to onboard new suppliers via a form (actually 2 forms). This onboarding would require the would be Suppliers to answer a number of questions and when submitted the forms would be added to a Table(s) in Glide. At this point due diligence would be applied internally to determine if the Supplier was approved.

Is it possible to have the 2 forms publicly accessible so no login is required. The links to the forms wouldn’t be advertised, they’d be supplied via an email to the would be Supplier.

Or is there a better way?!


Yes, that’s possible.
You’d need to set the privacy settings of your App to Public with Optional Sign In.
You could set it up in such a way that the two forms would not show up anywhere in the navigation menu, but would be accessible via a direct link.

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Thank you Darren! I’ll give that a go :slight_smile: