Best approach to auto-send a message when a switch component is togged

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My students have items in their inventory. When they toggle to “use” the item, I want to be notified without them having to do anything other than toggle the switch. I need to know the name of the item so I am thinking I will need a column in the materials source table containing a custom message I created indicating so, and then when they toggle, the message comes to my computer.

Zapier or Script. I use a script (because it’s free) that looks for a change to Column X and then sends an email notification using an OnChange Trigger.

Are you saying Script is a free service unlike Zapier which is paid. Or are you saying to just script it out in the google sheet and apply that to the column?

The second. Using a Google script, you can achieve the same thing without using Zapier.

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ok thank you.